Physioworks Cranbourne Podiatry – Keeping You on Your Feet

Ben Holland PodiatristLeading sports podiatrist Ben Holland has a very specific aim – to keep you on your feet so you can remain active and healthy.

Podiatry is treatment of all foot and lower limb disorders. A podiatrist can help relieve foot, heel and knee and aching legs, including shin splints.

Based at Physioworks Cranbourne clinic, Ben said “Podiatrists endeavour to keep your feet healthy because healthy feet allow you to be active and continue all your daily pursuits comfortably. We aim to prevent or correct any abnormality and maintain help you to maintain normal function so you can continue your activity with minimal interruption”.

A podiatrist will look at your footwear, walking & running style to assess any abnormal function and intervene where necessary to treat or prevent injury.

With 15 years as a Sports Podiatrist; and as an ex-AFL footballer and now a keen marathon runner, Ben has expertise and elite sport experience in the importance of ‘keeping on your feet’

“Keeping active has numerous health benefits such as keeping weight off, participating in individual and team sports, improving muscle and bone strength, improving emotional and mental health and generally ensuring a healthier, happier you in your everyday life events” said Ben.

Want to stay on your feet? No Doctor referral is required and Veterans Affairs, Workcover, Allied Health, TAC are all welcome.  Simply contact Ben Holland (or reception) at Physioworks Cranbourne on 5995 1111.