Podiatry is available at Physioworks Health Group Cranbourne to treat all foot and lower limb disorders.

A podiatrist will look at footwear, walking & running style to assess any abnormal function and intervene where necessary to treat or prevent injury.A podiatrist can help relieve foot and heel pain, knee pain and aching legs. Other treatments include sports injuries, shin splints, stress fractures and skin disorders, such as tinea / blisters/ warts / corns & callus/ infections.

Sports Podiatrist Ben Holland and Podiatrist Matthew Fieldsend consult at Physioworks Health Group Cranbourne

Sports Podiatrist Ben Holland specialises in heel pain, shin splints, achilles pain, footwear assessment, running analysis and orthotic prescription. Both Ben Holland and Matthew Fieldsend have expertise in lower limb conditions, gathered from years of podiatric treatment of athletes; and from competing as athletes at the elite level.